Monday, December 14, 2009

Emzie's Dance Recital

Emzie's little dance group performed the Nutcracker this year. She was so darn cute with her little poses! We were so excited this year because she didn't hit any other kids, she didn't fold her arms in protest and walk off the stage AND she didn't point and boss any of the other girls around during the actual dance! It was by all accounts and purposes a banner night.


Good times were a rollin and the Rowe/Keller family feast. Lots of food, fun, family and more food. And of course...what would Thanksgiving be without bowling?

Rowe Thanksgiving

This year we celebrated a little bit early so we could all have dinner together. We missed Jack and Mer and Truman but everyone else was there. Jeffie even got some pheasant hunting in.
We ate like piggies and then went bowling to celebrate AJ's birthday...GOOD TIMES!

Nutcracker time!

We are starting to make a tradition out of going to see the Nutcracker in Salt Lake. This year I took the girls and they loved it! Emoree was entranced by the dancers and the orchestra. I think she loved it a teensie bit more than Syd.
We all got dressed up and went down town with all the fancy people at the Capitol Theatre! It was so much fun to be with family and celebrate a little.

AJ's Big Day

AJ was baptized on Saturday, December 5. He was so excited to be baptized by his daddy. He was just a little afraid that Jeff wouldn't do it right. He repeatedly told him not to leave even a hair sticking out because he didn't want to do it more than once.
Everything came off without a hitch...Jeff and AJ did a fantastic job. We are so proud of him. We are so thankful to everyone who came to share this special day with us!